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Family owned business with over 25 years of combined experience in the construction industry within Australia and internationally.

  "...We decided to give to the community Honest, Good & Reliable builders / subcontractors  with an affordable price and excellent customer service..."                     
"...We will ensure you get value for money through our professional, honest and reliable services..."
 Cheay & Daniela Silk
Why Work With Us?
We value, appreciate and make our customer feel Important. We listen to our Customers problems and we bring solutions according to each budget and customer's preference
We believe that our team is the most important asset we have! We encourage Safety methods and procedures in every task and, we engage the most experienced and knowledgeable tradies to deliver the best results. 

Meet the Team
Cheay Silk - Director +61423 227 776​
Over 25 years of experience in the construction industry in residential, commercial, industrial, health and civil developments through various roles on large scale mixed use projects in Australia, Canada & Europe. Highly motivated results driven professional with the ability to coordinate all elements of construction and project execution on schedule and within budget. Cheay developed extensive experience in onsite management, surveying, estimating, housing and commercial construction.

Daniela Silk - Project Administrator +61 437 232 133
With over 10 years of experience with various companies both in Australia and overseas. Daniela gained extensive experience working as a Finance Officer & Contracts Administrator on a broad range of projects. Daniela has managed goods and services, tenders, projects in construction, developing contracts and calculate adjustments when required.


Feel free to click here and watch our Introduction video about our Construction Services

Silk Design and Construct Introduction video
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Cheay Silk - Director
FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions 

     Q: How your Consultancy Services can help me to buy a property for the correct price?

A: Thanks to our over 35 years of experience, Our Consultancy Services have been very successful in helping the customer to choose the right property for them for the correct price. The Consultancy Services varies, however The most popular is when we come with you to the "Open House" or "Private appointment" (previously organized), and we will walk making notes about the property, renovation and extension ideas, and desires you may have. We will also include important repairs before settlement that may save you some extra dollars on the purchase price. 

We guarantee you a formal report with photos before the end of the day stating the ideas discussed with an Estimated price. That will give you the correct information to Negotiate the final purchase price. 

Still not sure?, Just call us +61 0437 232 133, and We will show you some samples of previous Succesfull Consultancy Services we have done recently.

Q: Should I buy land before contacting a builder, or talk to a builder before I buy land?  
A: As a custom home builder, we generally work with clients who already own land and we build on their lot. However, it can be advantageous to contact a builder while you’re still researching land, as the Builder can help you get a better idea of the kind of land you’ll want to build on.

Please keep in mind, the land you end up with will dictate much about your home’s design. So while it may be obvious that we can’t start building a home until you have a place to build it, what might not be so obvious — but is just as important to know — that we really can’t design a home either until we know exactly what kind of building conditions we’ll have.

If you’re interested, we can work with you and provide all documentation needed for  your construction loan, so feel free to contact us if that’s what you’d like to do. Also, if you don’t know a good real estate agent on Sunshine Coast yet, let us know and we’ll connect you with one of our preferred real estate agents who can help you find land.

If you need more info, Call Cheay :+61 437 232 133

Q: What is the approx price for a New Build / Renovation or Extension?

A: The approx price sometimes is hard to calculate as each project is different and will depend on the following: location / suburb (if travel is required), job site condition (as in the land contours / shape), land positioning (where will be beach front or inner suburb) and council / government approvals. After reviewing the previous conditions, you should be able to make a decision regarding the type of building you want in accordance with your budget. 

We recommened you to contact a builder before start the planning. The builder will help you with a realistic view regarding if your project is possible or not. 

If you’re interested, we can work with you and provide all documentation needed for your construction loan, so feel free to contact us if that’s what you’d like to do. 

If you need more info, Call Daniela +61 0437 232 133

Q: Do you provide full quote for the works or do you provide an hourly rate?

A:  We generally provide a full quote for the works, and an horuly rate set up depending the scope of works and the customer's budget. Sometimes the quotation will depend on the job site location, conditions, and the layout of the design. 
We always try to avoid generating Variations to the customers, as usually those come with extra costs. 
If you are looking to keep the costs down, we have great ideas and tips which can help you.
Call Cheay, with his ideas and over 25 years experience in the construction industry, he will execute the project on time and withing the budget. He will manage to finish the job up to the customer's expectations.

If you need more info, Call Cheay +61 423 227 776

Q: Do I need Council Approval ? (Noosa Heads and Sunshine Coast councils)

A: It will depend of the scope of works and the type of property. Some councils have specific rules for the type of work, as an example, fencing and driveways specifications can vary in dimensions / details between a property classifed Rural and Residential.
Still not sure?, Just call us. Our Team has been liasing with the local councils and helping our customers to move forawrd within their construction project. We are able to help you and guide you in the process, so feel free to contact us

Call Cheay and Daniela, with our ideas and combined 35 years of experience in the construction industry, we will execute the project on time and withing the budget. 

If you need more info, Call Cheay or Daniela +61 0437 232 133

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