Building on the coast

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Building on the Coast
So, after plenty of years in the Construction industry it is very noticeable that Builders and tradies on the Sunshine Coast are very different in various ways.

How is that? Allow me to explain you how it works….

You find the “one-man-van” which is usually pretty busy as they are likely to be the most affordable ones and extremely good in what they do; however most of them lack in punctuality and they actually struggle to schedule a job. They are very busy and they get distracted easily. Also, if you need several tradies at the same time because you are doing a bigger job, or you need something else or something went wrong, you have to chase them and convince them to come back.

Then, you got the "small businesses", such as us, SDC, who are in the middle point where people and businesses still can afford to do small / medium size renovations and extensions jobs as they employ and use locals (suppliers) for all the jobs. These types of businesses run the whole projects and deal with all the tradies for an affordable price. They are as capable and as knowledgeable (or more) than the big business, just more affordable than the most famous builders or bigger companies in town.

And finally, we have the "bigger companies" (usually double or triple more expensive than the previously ones), which are great for the economy but they require at least 3 month (if lucky) of anticipation to book them to come to give you a quote and, 12 months (if lucky) to do a job, and obviously prices are through the roof. However they have severals well-deserved Building Awards and very impressive advertisement materials to help them to stay where they are.

So, How can you Build on the Coast, in time, stress free and within affordable prices?

Pretty easy, just support Small Businesses like Silk Design Construct.
Small Constructions / Builder Businesses will look after you building needs with a priority. This type of business will do anything for your job as they are extremely motivated, you will experience Fantastic 24/7 customer service, quick approach and response as they shop locally keeping your cost down.

Why keep thinking? Lets support local businesses!